What Length of Boardroom Table Should You Select?

What should be the size of your boardroom can be a tricky question. We are here to help you choose the right boardroom table size. If you live in Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby, Port Coquitlam, Richmond, or Delta than you can find the perfect boardroom table here.

At an office boardroom you will sit with your team of professionals to discuss the matters. The boardroom will be there when making the most important decisions for your business.

An attractive boardroom can enhance the visual presentation of the conference room. Therefore, it is important to consider the length of a boardroom table along with its design, texture, durability, and color.

Most importantly, you will also be meeting your prospects, visitors, and clients in your boardroom. To impress and convert these prospects into customers, you have to show them your style and creativity through the selection of furniture.

Although, budget, design, theme, and other factors influence your decision the most important priority is the size of the table.

Here are some tips that will help you select the right boardroom table size, that infuses energy in your boardroom meetings!

Envision the Maximum Number of People in Your Meetings

It is vital to consider the number of members in your team when planning for a boardroom table size. If you and your team make up 8 members, only your team doesn’t need to be there at every meeting. You may introduce your team to the clients or other officials.

This is why you should always keep enough room for others. Similarly, having an extremely large boardroom can also become a problem if you sit down with a team of 8 members regularly and you have a boardroom to accommodate more than 20 members.

The choice of size depending on the number of individuals can be tricky and a good rule is to take an average of attendants of each meeting within a month. If average people in boardroom meetings are 10, you should plan on accommodating 10 people.

You can have extra room for two additional people by buying a ‘racetrack’ boardroom table to have a little space at the ends to fit two people at each side instead of one. Although a boardroom table is customizable, the standard table of 60×24 inches is enough for most business requirements as meetings involve a limited number of people at a time.

Plan the Room and Space

The boardrooms have a unique style, door positioning, and measurement. To fit the boardroom table efficiently into your boardroom, measure the length and width of the selected boardroom as well.

Another important factor is the placement of the door in the boardroom. If the boardroom is small and the door is in the middle of a wider wall then it can cause congestion in the entry as chairs may hinder the way when spreading out.

Make sure that the boardroom you select for placing the table can fit in the table you are choosing to leave behind enough space for spread out chairs and locomotion of people all around the table while leaving enough space in front of the door for entry.

The perfect way to measure the room from every angle and aspect of the setting. If you are planning to have a small to medium size boardroom table in a spacious hall than it may not look as bizarre as a large boardroom table in a tiny boardroom. There should be at least a gap of 4 feet between walls and the boardroom table.

Having an intelligent layout of the whole room before buying the boardroom table. This will make it easier to understand the right table length that suits your boardroom. Make a rough sketch of the room and the boardroom and divide the total length and width of the room by adding a boardroom in the middle. Does it leave enough space at the corners and sides?

If your boardroom is square then you should consider a U-shaped or hollow square boardroom table design. To fit the space of the room with a table that can accommodate more people efficiently.

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