How to Give Home Office a Professional Makeover

Your home office may be an old desk and a chair lying somewhere in your house which you are using as your home office while you are working from home. But do you know there are so many ways you can add style and comfort to your small home office on a budget?

To increase your efficiency at work, it is important to make the office comfortable. To make your home office practical and personalized, luckily there is not much you would need to change.

Here are a few tips that will help you when giving your office a professional makeover:

Find Comfort

The home office should feel like home and office which means it should be professional yet comfy. The home office does not need to be a perfect office room. It can be set up in a small bedroom, annex, or take a portion of your bedroom or living room.

To give your existing office a makeover, change the furniture or items to personalize the space and a touch of change. Home office furniture that is suitable for your posture and is a sleek design will motivate you to work. It does not have to be expensive either, you can find affordable home office furniture and pair it with a few of your favorite art pieces and books or work material to complete the professional look.

Choose a Desk and Chair with Suitable Height

The desk and chair for your home office are a pair and you should contrast the heights of both to adjust it according to your body. A comfortable height for a chair is when you sit on the chair, your feet touch the ground completely and your knees are not too high. Your legs should make a 90-degree angle at the knees.

Similarly, a desk is at its ideal height when you put your arms on the desk your upper arms and the lower arms at elbows make a 90-degree angle. Your neck along with the rest of your body will be at the perfect straightened position and this will enable you to work comfortably for longer

Storage and Shelves

Adding shelves to the office can add dimension and increase storage space. If you like to have books, ornaments, or office supplies around you, having a book rack, office side table, or office cabin is a great addition to your home office space.

Adding furniture to space makes it cozy and customized according to your taste. In case you use office manuals, catalogs, or any reference books, keep them on a table or shelf near you to reach for a quick peek.

Add Natural Light and Plants

Adding natural light and plants is an intelligent way to make your space feng shui friendly. To surround yourself with a positive vibe and sense of freshness in your home office try to bring in as much natural light and air as possible. Open the windows and let natural light in during the day.

Add a few indoor plants such as palm, jade, or snake plant to increase the supply of oxygen. Don’t worry about plants. Some indoor plants are very low-maintenance and are virtually impossible to kill. You can keep a small succulent in a tiny spot on your desk to have a hint of life and style.

Limit Distractions

Limiting distractions means that firstly, you set up your office somewhere in your house where you will not be distracted from the normal workflow of your house. A room where you won’t be disturbed by noises, T.V, doorbells or anything else.

To pay attention to the work, keep away your cell phone or put on silent mode. When going for a professional makeover, you should keep in mind the decorum of an office. Having a quiet working space will increase your productivity.

An Organized Layout

Clutter can make any place look ugly and depressing. An office is the last thing you would like to have cluttered. Avoid eating at your home office, organize and clean the space to transform the look of your home office.

Keeping the wiring untangled, files organized and other supplies in organizers can make the place visibly better. Nothing makes an office depressing as clutters. If you have wires hanging from each table and wrappers lying on the desk then you should plan on organizing and cleaning the office.

Accentuate with Style

The home office is not one size fits all. So, you would have to select a design that you like. Colors can affect your mode. Blue, off-white, grey, and yellow colors are known for their effects of reducing anxiety and relaxation in mind. You can customize the color and theme of your office but try to keep it neutral to keep things relaxing and soothing.

A chic office isn’t the one with pretentious furniture and showy art on walls. A minimal office can also look beautiful if you add the right touch of style and simplicity to everything. Buy products that compliment your home office theme and add seating and furniture that is required.

Bottom Line

The home office says a lot of things about you. Keep all the necessary items but keep your office design minimalist and the stuff to-the-point. Going overboard with stuff will only make it jumbled and stuff will look dumped especially of your office is small.

Find home office furniture that emphasizes your style. You can buy Best home office furniture in greater Vancouver from Mefurn to transform your home office.

Add furniture and interior decoration according to your need and taste. In the end it is all about your taste and style!

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