Ultimate Guide to Purchase Best Office Chairs in Vancouver

Are you about to design a new office and you are looking for good office chairs in Vancouver? Or you want to get rid of your uncomfortable chairs that are a disaster?

We are going to discuss all the types of chairs, based on their qualities and variances. So, you can select the kind that suits you best!

You should always pick a chair that aligns to your body and is comfortable! You will be spending a lot of time sitting in your chair while working. An uncomfortable chair that is not the right size or height, can make you very uncomfortable. The worst thing is that it will not only torment your comfort but strain you back, and you won’t even know it’s because of your chair!

Before we discuss the types of office chairs, here are a few things to know. Before making a purchase consider following fundamentals of an office chair.  What to look for in an office chair?

Adjustable Height

For optimal performance it is vital that your chair has a suitable height. The amount and quality of your work improves with comfortable seating. It is important to select a chair that can be adjusted according to your height, so that your thighs become parallel to the ground and your feet are not hanging above the ground or the knees are too high.


Adjustable backrests can hold and support your back when to take those short breaks for a few seconds, to just sink in your chair and breathe. When purchasing an office chair, automatic backrest supports your body instantly by tilting itself to align with your posture. This why it is a great thing to look for!

Lumbar Support and Spine Alignment

To support the spine, a lumbar support chair’s back is carved according to the natural shape of your back. A lumbar support chair can minimize the gaps between the padding and your back which results in splendid ease, spine alignment and improved posture.

Chair’s Foam or Padding

It is vital to keep in mind the importance of foam, fabric and the material the chair is made of. If the constituents of the foam are poor and do not conform to the body’s profile, they will play havoc on your posture.

When selecting the chair, consider the option of mesh, it is low maintenance and hard back is good for your spine. If you are someone who likes to have a feel of foam, then decide if you would like pocketed coil base foam, molded foam, or memory foam. The memory foam is the best one so far because the foam is breathable, it adjusts according to the temperature of your body and provides excellent comfort by conforming for customizable support.


The upholstery of a chair makes a great difference. Following types of upholstery are available, they are customizable depending on your taste:

Fabric: The fabric upholstery comes in all fabrics, colors, prints, and patterns. The fabric gives the chair a traditional and home like feel.

Leather: Most executive chairs upholstery is genuine leather to give them an exclusive and lavish look. An affordable option is going for faux leather or vinyl leather, which is very similar. The vinyl leather gives the chair a smooth and comforting feel, it is a great alternative of expensive genuine leather.

Types of Chairs

Ergonomic Chairs

Ergonomics refers to how the design of the chair is going to help upsurge your productivity and quality of work. They are designed to adjust according to each body type and provide comfort along with suitable support when performing tasks.

Ergonomic chairs can provide maximum ease while doing routine operations by, conforming to all kinds of body shapes.

Office or Computer Chairs

An office chair or computer chair is usually referred to any chair without a head rest. The office chair or a computer chair is a regular chair meant for routine tasks. The general term encompasses ergonomic chairs, desk chairs and all kinds of chairs with or without arms.

Managerial Chairs

Managerial chairs are designed to carry out operations that require the manager to roll away for quick operations. Prolonged tasks become easy to perform on an office chair. Arm rests and leather gives the chair a deluxe as well as smart look and feel.

Executive Chairs

Executive chairs are the plush, leather chairs that are designed for ultra-comfort. The executive chairs feature headrests and armrests. The extra padding and high back are noticeable features that make the executive chairs visibly lavish and highly relaxing for repetitive usage. These chairs are mighty and look impressive. For less functioning and rare activity, executive chairs are the best chairs because they suit executives.

Drafting stools

Drafting stools are designed to perform operations that requires you to stand often. They are also height adjustable and aids the user in shifting from sitting to standing position swiftly and without difficulty. Workstations preferably use these chairs that are at standing height for accompanying standing customers. The stools are suitable for franchise windows and receptions that are adjusted to the customer’s standing position.

Nesting Chairs

Nesting chairs help to switch places and perform operations at a faster pace. The chairs are ideal for those individuals who prefer sophisticated, smart and elegant chairs. Most nesting chairs are foldable and can be stacked over each other.

They allow the user to relax while also making their circulation or movement smooth and improved. They are easy to move from room to room. The nesting chairs are great for conferencing and other quick tasks.

Heavy Duty Chairs

Heavy duty chairs are particularly designed for offices that run operations 24/7 such as call centers, army bases, Airports and other customer service offices. The durable chairs are made of thick and sturdy fabric. The padding is long lasting and stiffer, the chairs are designed to stay in use all the time and stay rigid despite augmented use.

Active Seats

Active seating is becoming very popular these days because of its benefits. The reason why more and more people like active seating is because it helps their body burn calories. Sedentary lifestyle and sitting for hours in a chair, are unhealthy and can put people at risk of developing diseases and gaining weight.

They require the person sitting on them to stay actively involved in balancing the body. The seat that requires you to balance constantly, helps burn calories and allows the muscles to work while adjusting the position. The trend started with the use of gym balls in place of office chairs but sitting on them requires a lot of energy in order to balance. Active seats also upgraded to actual office chairs, they include ball chairs and leaning chairs.


The best office chair is always one that suits your office’s working conditions and personal preferences. If your taste is conversant, you can buy modern office chairs . Nevertheless, your budget is smaller and you are looking for cheaper options, you can go for used office chairs Vancouver.

If you are still not sure, just give us a call at 604-200-7961 our business furnishing specialists are always ready to help you.

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