ESI offers a full line of monitor arm solutions to fit the ever-changing needs of virtually any workspace and any user. Adjustable monitor arms give users the ability to control the angle, distance and height of the monitor for optimum viewing.

ESI’s height adjustable table collection offers a wide range of features and options to choose from. Whether there is a need for height adjustability for individual users or conference rooms, ESI has a solution. Height adjustable tables give users the flexibility to sit or stand at their workspace, while preserving the optimal ergonomic positioning.

The ESI lighting collection features both desktop and under cabinet lights with sleek profiles that blend well with any environment. In addition to being energy efficient and cost-effective, the collection offers features such as occupancy sensors, dimmers and USB ports.

With ESI’s wide range of keyboard solutions, users have the ability to adjust the keyboard placement for maximum comfort. All keyboard solutions are also available in R-series material which is composed of 100% post-consumer materials, making them completely recyclable.

Whether the user has a CPU, laptop or tablet computer, ESI’s technology solutions allow the latest technology tools to fit seamlessly into the workspace. ESI’s technology solutions also include public access computer stations, as well as mobile and standing workstations.