Build Your Client’s First Impression with a Reception Desk that Depicts Creativity

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The first impression is the last! Impressions matter because the first thing people judge us for is based on appearance. In an office, a reception desk also forms a perception in the minds of the visitors.

If the reception desk is old, musty, and worn-out, it shows that the business fir, does not pay much attention to upholstering and style. They may also think that the business is not making enough money or has a tight budget to spend on furnishings and small details. Or they may think that the management is ignorant and negligent to replace worn-out material.

Either way an old and worn-out reception desk will say negative things about your business. But if your office has a reception desk that is an elegant design and shines as light falls on its surface, a person coming inside the office door is bound to look at it.

An exclusive and trendy office is appreciated and adored by anyone who steps in and the first impression of your firm matters. It is therefore important to add an elegant reception desk to your office’s entrance.

It is not necessary to select a desk that is showy and ostentatious. An elegant reception desk in perfect shape that is not worn-out or dirty can do the trick.

If your office is in Greater Vancouver, you should plan on getting a reception desk that stands out and is distinctive. Buy exclusive reception desks that leave the visitors at your office reception stunned!

Here is what you should be careful of while choosing a reception desk:

Your Office’s Style is a Reflection of your Brand

Visitors think about the values of the organization by looking at its environment. Similarly, they think about the organization’s approach to business by looking at the office makeover.

If the office has stale and empty walls, the furniture is old and worn-out, it shows that management is ignorant. Not many offices, look like that but even with the choice of colors, art, and furniture, a company can impress the clients and make the place look desirable to work for a potential employee.

Staying at the office every day will make you used to the way it looks but for someone coming in for the first time, it can leave a bad impression. Similarly, a reception desk that is stunning to look at will say many good things about your business.

Bold vs Pale Reception Desk

A magnificent reception desk is like a fashion statement. If your desk is pale and boring, visitors will be able to guess how care-free you are with your business assets. This shows that you are also reluctant to invest in assets that build good-will and go a long way.

A bold reception desk will depict creativity, passion, fun, and liveliness. It also shows that you like to move ahead with changing trends and needs an update. If your office was built in the 80’s it does not need to stay like that forever, neither does it need to go through a fashion haul every week or month.

To keep up with the trends and keep the furniture, clean, neat, and spick-and-span is not about throwing away all your office furniture at once and buying new furniture. It just means to keep a check on the condition of the furniture and exchanging the faulty and old items with new or refurbished furnishings to make it appear neat.

Build Connections at the Reception Desk

If a prospect comes to meet you, possibly he/she will head towards the reception desk straight after coming inside the door. If the prospect sees a stunning reception that blends in perfectly with a bold, elegant, and dynamic theme than it is enough to intimidate them with stylishness.

In a few moments, the prospect will not only feel impressed by the classy reception desk but will also think highly of your business choices as the style choice is magnificent. So, you make a connection with the prospect, the moment he/she enters and glances at the reception desk.

You want to surprise your clients with your efficiency, professionalism, and agility so what can be better than a beautiful reception desk. To make their time at your workspace comfortable and enchanting, charm them with the elegance of style.

Remember, a stylish and elegant workplace does not mean you overdo it, keep things simple if you are a minimalist and go for a little extra is you like extravagant furniture.

Find extravagant and minimalistic reception desks that suits your style at Mefurn, if you are located in Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby, Port Coquitlam, Richmond, Delta, or North Vancouver.

Express your passion for business through the style and make the client’s first glance wort their while by selecting a reception desk that speaks everything about your business!

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