Office Modular

Office is powered by the smart people you see here—professionals who are committed to helping our clients succeed. As a fun-loving, hard-working group, we’re after the same goals: award-winning products and manufacturing, marketing ingenuity, and, most of all, your personal business success. Not pictured: More than 700 team members standing by, making it all happen.



Height-Adjustable Benching

Aloft is plugged into worker needs for easy power and data access. Standard power ways support most users and can be upgraded as needed. Vertical cable carrier belts and wire-management baskets are built into each work-space, keeping the office neat, while ensuring clearance for users legs. What's more, work surface access boxes, monitor arms and CPU holders are all available to help create a more user-friendly, responsive space.


Benching System

The AIS Oxygen Bench system provides unparalleled aesthetic and functional flexibility for customers that aspire for a modern, open workplace environment. Bringing both form and function to the workplace, it is as high-tech and multi-functional as it is stylish. Engineered for the way you work today, and designed to adapt with you in the future, Oxygen meets the needs of a diverse and ever-changing work environment.




Comfortable to the core, Bolton comes with a generous seat cushion, ample lumbar support, adjustable arms and seat height, and synchronicity mechanisms that conform perfectly to a range of body types. Bolton is also highly versatile. Available in high-back and mid-back versions, it’s the task chair that goes from the reception desk to the executive office.



Devens puts outstanding ergonomic performance within workers’ reach by making the controls intuitive and easy to access. After all, ergonomic features help only when they can be understood and actually used. Robust construction, including smart features such as arm caps that resist impact and abrasion, proves that Devens will feel and look great for years to come.